Anam Cara: “Soul Friend”

Posted Jun 22, 2013

Anam Cara: “Soul Friend”

Anam Cara is Irish for “Soul Friend”. The inspiration for the name came from the book Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom by John O’Donohue.

Anam Cara Clinic was founded by Dr Mark Mc Ginley in the summer of 2013. The Celtic spirals on the rocks found in New Grange, Ireland were the inspiration for the clinic logo. The triple spiral is symbolic of the unity of mind-body-spirit and the importance of an integrated approach to health and wellness.

Modern day medicine has, in many cases, become impersonal and aloof. Visits are fast and the uniqueness of the person with the disease is not deeply appreciated. Expensive diagnostic testing and prescription drugs are commonly prescribed yet the root cause of the illness is not uncovered.

The philosophy at Anam Cara Clinic is to evaluate the totality of the person. The spirit, mind and body are one and intimately a part of each other. True health can only recaptured when this totality of the person is addressed and brought into balance.

The overarching premise at Anam Cara Clinic is that the patient has an innate intelligence and natural healing ability. The style of management is collaborative. The goal is for the patient to take back control of their own health.

A visit to Anam Cara Clinic will be unlike any other physician’s office visit. The modern paradigm of medicine has been replaced by something more familiar to the soul. A journey into healing awaits you.